Exhibition Management

Green/Healthy Food Zone

Eco-friendly organic food, Fermented food, Dietary supplement, Diet food, Vitamin etc

Local Food Zone

local specialty

Seafood Zone

Seafood like fish cake, sea mustard, laver, salt, salted seafood etc

World Food Zone

Food and food culture around the world

Corporate PR Zone

Develop network & PR

Equipment Zone

Food Processing Machinery, kitchen appliances, furniture goods, food sanitation machinery, safety supplies etc

Food ingredients Zone

Agricultural and stockbreeding products, processed food , Baking ingredients, Western food ingredients , instant food, frozen food etc

Beverage & Drink Zone

Domestic and foreign Beverage and drink etc

Related organization & educational institution

Cooking Academy, school, association etc

Food court & food truck Zone

Busan’s representative food and world food , food truck

Eco- friendly food market Zone

eco-friendly agricultural products and fruits

K-food Zone

Korea’s representative food like Chicken , tteokbokki etc

Homecook Zone

Hmr like rtp,rtc,rth,rhe etc

Future food Zone

Future food like Insect food and Alternative meat