Busan International Food Expo 2013

Guide for Exhibition
Busan International Food Expo

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  • Independent/Assembly Booth Work : 2013.10.8(Tue)~10.9(Wed)
  • Time for exhibits carry-in : : 2013.10.9 After 12:00
  • Unloading Platform for exhibits : : No. 3 hall entrance open
  • During the period of carry-in, truck and parcels van can only enter inside of the hall (2013. 10.8 Before 11:00)


  • For smooth carry-out without problem, only truck and parcels van can enter inside of the hall for making area of parking near the loading Platform
    (passenger car are prohibited)
  • After finishing the exhibition and removing carpets on the floor, the entrance of loading Platform will be opening -> vehicle can enter inside of the hall.
    (2013.10.13 / after 18:30)
  • When carrying out exhibits, fill out the Carry-out Report confirmed by organizer and submit it to the one of securities

Carry-in & out