Busan International Food Expo 2013

Busan International Food Expo

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from Incheon International Airport to Gimhae(Busan) Domestic Airport

  • Domestic Airlines from Incheon international Airport to Gimhae(Busan) Domestic Airport.
Domestic Airlines from Incheon international Airport to Gimhae(Busan) Domestic Airport
Airlines Flight No. Time Destination Schedule
        Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
OZ8531 7:25 PUS
KE1401 8:50 PUS
KE1405 20:40 PUS

※ Passengers of domestic flights should check in at Counter "A" which is the domestic flight only check-in counter. After checking in, the passenger should enter the boarding area through the domestic departure gate. Passengers should be at the boarding gate 40 minutes prior to the boarding time.

from Gimhae(Busan) Domestic Airport to BEXCO

By Airport Limousine bus

  • Participants can get information about Limousine bus at Airport Information Desk
  • Take an Limousine Bus at Bus stop No.2 and Purchase ticket on the bus
  • Get off the Bus at  ‘Bexco’
By Airport Limousine bus
Airport Limousine bus
Bus stop Bus First
Interval Farel
No. 2 Limousine 07:05 21:35 1 hr. 15~20 mins. KRW 6,000
USD 5.39)

By Taxi

  • Alternatively, participants can take a regular(white or silver-gray sedan) taxi or a deluxe(black sedan) taxi to the venue. To take a taxi, please use the taxi stop in front of the passenger terminal of Gimhae Domestic airport.
By Taxi
Category Duration Fare (KRW)
Regular Taxi 40~50 min KRW 20,000 (approx USD 16.6)
Deluxe Taxi 40~50 min KRW 40,000 (approx USD 33.3)
  • To get to the Venue by taxi, simply print the message below and show it to the driver.
    This file clearly explains the location of the venue.

안녕하십니까? 이 분은 해운대 벡스코(BEXCO)에서 개최되는 2013 부산국제음식박람회에 참가하시는 분이오니, 안전하게 광안대교를 통해 벡스코(BEXCO)까지 모셔다 주시면 감사하겠습니다. (호텔로 이동하시고자 하는 경우, 호텔로 모셔다 주시면 감사하겠습니다.)